Ebb and Flow

goodness, where does my motivation go?!

it ebbs and flows and the question I don’t always know how to answer is why?

so, as a one-woman business, how do I stay inspired, motivated, and encouraged?!

yikes!  a break in the business or a small let-down can be so devastating.  I am aware of some of the things that I find difficult- for one, working as much as I do in the summertime at my other job really takes its toll on my business.  every summer, things start to slide and then I re-organize and reinvigorate for Fall.  I don’t want to let this keep happening!  so, a new plan is in order… and goal setting!  I’m hoping these ideas will help.  and as a jumping off point, I will be taking the Catalyst Course with Jena and Jen– I’m very excited!  I am stuck in a cycle that needs to be broken!

I know that I don’t often post personal stuff, but as far as business goes, I have decided to be candid and open with my readers and those who support me.  hey, why not?  this business thing is a struggle- it doesn’t necessarily come natural to me!  so, it’s time to make some changes so that I can go forward with success!

I was recently in New York City with my best friend for her wedding- it was marvelous!  every time I go to NYC, I come back with significant stories to tell and this time was no different.  I think of that trip every day and to be honest, wish I was still there!  I love it, I just love it.  when I’m there, though, I am aware that I couldn’t live there long-term.  those buildings and all the people start to make me feel a little claustrophic at some point.  but, it truly is a magical place- and the city never sleeps!  it is alive with energy.  it’s definitely hard to get back into the swing of things here, but day by day, I’m making progress!  tomorrow’s gem show should help!  I’m excited to get some new gems and start creating again.

perhaps these images from my trip will inspire me-

and maybe they will inspire you too!

all the love,



San Francisco

I recently got some Diana film developed and among the pictures were these from my last trip to San Francisco.  I usually go twice a year, but I might not get to be there again until next year.  these pictures make me miss that city and my dear friend who lives there.  San Francisco, it’s true, at times, I long for you.


Jacksonville was really lovely!  though it wasn’t everything we had expected it to be, it really was such a perfect time to be there.  I really enjoyed spending the weekend with my husband and such wonderful friends!  and if you’re ever going to be visiting Ashland, I would highly recommend the Terra Cottage Inn– it was so charming, well-designed, and extremely clean.  not only that, you are also welcome to pick greens from the garden and use their gourmet outdoor kitchen!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too!