New Camera



{Chinese Garden}



my dad recently informed me that he owned a Yashica.  do you know how excited I was when I heard this?!  it is now in my possession and I’ve been enjoying shooting with film.  I got my first role of film developed and I love how the pics turned out!

the weather is crazy here today, but the light is just lovely.  maybe I’ll head out and try taking some shots with the black and white film I have in there now.

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday and finding the end of the weekend relaxing and peaceful.




A Birthday Photo Walk

last week a friend and I went on a ‘Birthday Photo Walk’- this particular friend of mine is an amazing photographer and so, of course, taking pictures is one of her favorite things to do!  we walked all through the Northwest and then downtown and through the Pearl- it was a great time and I was happy I could spend her birthday with her!  I took both my film and my digital cameras with me- I can’t wait to pick up my film, but for now here are some of my digital pics…






this week in Portland is gonna be hot, hot, HOT!  although the heat and I don’t always get along, I know that this is the end of it, so I’m happy for it.  but, most of all, I’m happy that my favorite season is going to be here soon!  oh Fall, I can’t wait to feel your cool breezes, to see your colorful leaves, and to wear all of your inspired fashions.  yippee!  the Season of Change will be here soon.



Never Satisfied

my pictures are something I’m always trying to improve upon- I’m never satisfied!  I’ve always wanted to be good at photography and hope that through practicing regularly, I can get better at understanding light and composition.  since Spring is almost here, I’ve been thinking about new jewelry photo props and have been experimenting with an old book.  here are my newest pictures- I’d love to know what you think!