Awesome People

I quite like these pictures of awesome people hanging out together- if you haven’t discovered it yet, Awesome People Hanging Out Together just may put a smile on your face!

Ken Jeong and Travis Barker

Kathy Griffin and Jack Black

Hunter S. Thompson and Bill Murray

{images courtesy of Awesome People}


A Day at the Coast

a couple of weeks ago, a dear friend and I decided to spend our day at the coast- although it was 96 degrees here in Portland, it remained a cool 60-something at the coast.  I wasn’t prepared for such a chilly day, but I relished it anyway.  it was really lovely.  we spent some time in Wheeler, Manzanita, and Gearheart- a few of my favorite coastal towns!

the sun came out for us in Wheeler

can you spot the heron?

after dinner in Gearheart

I have a feeling that day was my last “hurrah” before the Fall Season arrives and I will be focused on getting ready for holiday shows- I can’t believe it’s already time to start applying!  I better get busy.



This House

one of my favorite Closet Visit posts is the one of Camille Cregan.  her style is timeless and her apartment…. oh my!  I just want to jump right in and look around.  it looks so beautiful, vintage, eclectic, and romantic.  just my style!

such lovely light

beautiful dresser/lovely gal

there’s lots of inspiration over on Closet Visit– if you haven’t seen it before, I’d recommend checking it out!




A Birthday Photo Walk

last week a friend and I went on a ‘Birthday Photo Walk’- this particular friend of mine is an amazing photographer and so, of course, taking pictures is one of her favorite things to do!  we walked all through the Northwest and then downtown and through the Pearl- it was a great time and I was happy I could spend her birthday with her!  I took both my film and my digital cameras with me- I can’t wait to pick up my film, but for now here are some of my digital pics…






this week in Portland is gonna be hot, hot, HOT!  although the heat and I don’t always get along, I know that this is the end of it, so I’m happy for it.  but, most of all, I’m happy that my favorite season is going to be here soon!  oh Fall, I can’t wait to feel your cool breezes, to see your colorful leaves, and to wear all of your inspired fashions.  yippee!  the Season of Change will be here soon.



Trunk Show

I had a trunk show this past weekend at Mink– yes, I know, I’m a terrible promoter- anyway, it’s still all set up and it looks great!  it’s the debut of my Fall 2011 Collection and there’s still a few pieces that need to be added.  my ‘to do’ list is so long sometimes, I often feel like I’m going crazy.  does anyone have any good tips on how to stay on top of things?  I do know that I enjoy rewards, so I guess every time I can accomplish a certain amount of things on my list, then maybe I should reward myself- hmmm, that could work!  any other suggestions, my dear friends?

okay, I’ll be looking forward to your suggestions!

have a lovely day,