New Camera



{Chinese Garden}



my dad recently informed me that he owned a Yashica.  do you know how excited I was when I heard this?!  it is now in my possession and I’ve been enjoying shooting with film.  I got my first role of film developed and I love how the pics turned out!

the weather is crazy here today, but the light is just lovely.  maybe I’ll head out and try taking some shots with the black and white film I have in there now.

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday and finding the end of the weekend relaxing and peaceful.




A Day at the Coast

a couple of weeks ago, a dear friend and I decided to spend our day at the coast- although it was 96 degrees here in Portland, it remained a cool 60-something at the coast.  I wasn’t prepared for such a chilly day, but I relished it anyway.  it was really lovely.  we spent some time in Wheeler, Manzanita, and Gearheart- a few of my favorite coastal towns!

the sun came out for us in Wheeler

can you spot the heron?

after dinner in Gearheart

I have a feeling that day was my last “hurrah” before the Fall Season arrives and I will be focused on getting ready for holiday shows- I can’t believe it’s already time to start applying!  I better get busy.




Saturdays are Farmers Market Days.  we have such a beautiful market in SW Portland.  it is situated on the Portland State University campus among the Park Blocks- just rows and rows of delightful produce, plants, flowers, and food.  a glorious sight of inspirational goodness.  I love to buy myself some treats, listen to the musicians, and plan my meals for the week.  oh, and of course, I always buy myself some fresh flowers!  I do love my Saturday mornings.

rows and rows of color and texture

good-for-you edibles

amazing coffee.

so much color.

beautiful bouquets.


how do you spend your Saturday mornings?  brunch with friends?  reading the newspaper with a good cup of coffee?  strolling through the Farmer’s Market?

wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Sunny Sunday

yes, there is a bit of sun here in Portland today!  it’s peeking through the clouds- I can see it and it is making everything look much brighter and better.  just two days ago the gloominess had been getting to me, but the sun came just in time and I celebrated with a delicious outdoor brunch.  this past week has been about getting caught up and staying motivated.  I have been inspired to work hard, very hard.  there is much to do!

hope you all have been enjoying the day and getting much needed rest before the week ahead.

be well,


A Date with Clara

on Sunday I had a date with sweet Clara- a wild pup with loads of energy and playful determination.  her mom, Annissa, and I enjoyed eachother’s company while Clara did her ‘thang.  though it was quite wet from the day before, it didn’t rain on us and the light was lovely!

such a sweet face

there she goes!

when it comes to sticks, the bigger, the better!

Clara made a friend!

it wasn’t always easy to stay on the path

but some moments were quite beautiful.

Spring Craving

I was going through my Pinterest boards this morning and found the loveliest clothes for Spring- if I were to start putting my dream Spring wardrobe together, this is where I would start.

the Camille top from Toast

Eliana dress from Capricious Traveler

Gibson Girl blouse from Dear Golden Vintage

Of the Ages pullover from Anthropologie

now if only these pieces were still available and I had an unlimited budget!  oh well, a girl can dream… and keep shopping!

happy Sunday,



my friend, Misha, and I went to Multnomah Falls for New Years Day-  we wanted to see the beauty of the icicles, frost, and snow.  and it was truly lovely!  of course, with cameras in hand, we took lots of pictures!  it was super chilly out there and we made sure to wear lots of layers- but, it was worth it!  we had a wonderful time-

and the best way to end the day?  Full Sail and Double Mountain beers in Hood River, of course!

here’s to a beautiful and prosperous New Year!  2010 was a little rough for me, full of trials and tribulations, but I have hope that 2011 will be my year- any one else feel the same way?