Trunk Show

I had a trunk show this past weekend at Mink– yes, I know, I’m a terrible promoter- anyway, it’s still all set up and it looks great!  it’s the debut of my Fall 2011 Collection and there’s still a few pieces that need to be added.  my ‘to do’ list is so long sometimes, I often feel like I’m going crazy.  does anyone have any good tips on how to stay on top of things?  I do know that I enjoy rewards, so I guess every time I can accomplish a certain amount of things on my list, then maybe I should reward myself- hmmm, that could work!  any other suggestions, my dear friends?

okay, I’ll be looking forward to your suggestions!

have a lovely day,



This Weekend…

is the super big, colossal Crafty Wonderland Spring Sale– yay!  I will be getting ready for it this week and debuting LOTS of new pieces, including the ones below-

Asian-inspired Pagoda Necklace

and new items embellished with silk!

Silken Labradorite Necklace

Silken Moondrop Necklace

hope to see you there!

It’s the Weekend!

so, I really wanted to take a picture of me wearing my favorite pair of earrings today, but I am just no good at self-portraits- it was awful (and torture, really, being in front of the camera!)!  oh well… I tried!

this weekend I am hoping to go to a new tea cafe in the neighborhood.  I am a huge fan of tea as I have to limit my coffee intake, so I’m especially excited that Steven Smith, the found of Stash and Tazo, and now the owner of Steven Smith Teas, opened up a shop right down the street from me- how cool is that?!  I tried to check it out a few weeks ago, but alas, it was closed.  I did snap a picture of the sign, though- it was just too beautiful out not to!

I’m also going to be have some much-needed family time- I will be having a “girls’ day” with my mom and almost sister-in-law!  I have to say, I really, really like Chelsae and I’m thrilled to have her for a sister soon- I’ve never had one before!   I will also be spending some time with a half-brother I haven’t seen in ages- it will be so good to see him!  yes, I do have quite the extended family, but I love them!

so, it will be back to work on Monday.  I have been working on jewelry for a buy at Mink the first weekend of April.  you can look forward to lots of new pieces at the boutique if you are in the Portland area!  here is a a little sneak peek of what I’ve been working on:

I hope you all enjoy your weekends!



March Madness

well, March really hasn’t been all that “mad” for me, but let’s just say that it’s been busier than expected!  I’ve been feeling very lucky lately because I’ve had alot of requests for custom work, which I just love.  it is the most flattering to me when someone chooses me to create something special for them.  I just finished a bridal order that consisted of 8 bridesmaid necklaces, 8 pairs of earrings, and a necklace and pair of earrings for the bride.  she loved the way they turned out and I loved them too!

I also just finished a piece that will be featured on’s ‘101 Days of Summer’ Giveaway!  Carla, the owner of Mink, had invited me to create a one of a kind piece that would be offered through her store- it is such a great opportunity that I am very happy to be a part of.  and I’m very excited about the necklace too!  what do you think?

I felt very lucky today that I got to have a long-overdue catch-up session with a good friend.  what are you feeling lucky for?  I hope you are looking forward to the weekend- it looks like we are going to have a very lovely Saturday!

Never Satisfied

my pictures are something I’m always trying to improve upon- I’m never satisfied!  I’ve always wanted to be good at photography and hope that through practicing regularly, I can get better at understanding light and composition.  since Spring is almost here, I’ve been thinking about new jewelry photo props and have been experimenting with an old book.  here are my newest pictures- I’d love to know what you think!

Beautiful Day

Portland has been beautiful lately – I can’t believe our good fortune!  it’s in the 60’s today and it’s supposed to stay this way through Tuesday… and it’s still only February!  I know that when I got called off of work yesterday I should’ve spent time on my own business, but the sun had made me all giddy and I just had to get outside.  S and I went to Westmoreland Park near the Sellwood neighborhood.  we had never been there before, but I had recently seen a picture of it and thought it would be the perfect new park for us to check out.  not only was the park lovely, but so was the neighborhood!  we meandered through the streets and dreamed about having a home of our own someday- it was a great way to spend the afternoon!

and I even got some work done too!  here are some of my newest pieces:

Ophelia Necklace~

Agatha Necklace~

Odessa Necklace~

I hope you all have a most lovely weekend!  I plan to enjoy this, this, and this.  yes, I know, you say “it’s going to be a lovely weekend, how can you be inside?”  but, my husband is a filmmaker, what can I do?  besides, we’ll wait until the sun goes down before we head to the movies!