Looking to Fall…




so, I did a little research and this is what I’m looking at for a Fall 2012 palette- what do you think?  I am really loving these colors!  in fact, even my beautiful aging bouquet below reminds me of Fall- I guess I’m ready for it to get here!  it is my favorite season after all.

I’ve started to work on my pieces for Fall and rubies are definitely in order!  if you’d like, a little sneak peek…

Phoebe Necklace- ruby, vtg. brass, sterling silver, goldfill.

Annabelle Necklace- labradorite, vtg. brass, sterling silver.

Ruby Row Necklace- rubies, sterling silver, goldfill.

I hope the colors of Fall have been inspiring you too!  although we’ve been experiencing the heat here in Portland, I’m starting to see some Fall color and it’s beautiful- I’m excited for the glimpse of a new season!




3 thoughts on “Looking to Fall…

  1. Fall is my favorite time of the year as well and those colors you posted are so elegant and perfect. Your necklaces are beautiful. I love the mix of metals. Gorgeous!

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