Beautiful Inspiration

hello!  please pardon my absence.  I’ll just admit it- keeping up with blogging is hard!  what have I been up to?  well, of course, there’s the blur of the holidays, then January came and I just wanted to rest.  and rested, I did!  Meriwether’s closed for 6 weeks to remodel the kitchen.  I had big plans to be uber-productive, but in the end, I realized how much I just needed a break.  I did get lots of organizing done, though!  my apartment looks better than ever.  and I got my Spring Line mostly designed- soon to be in stores!  there have been high’s and low’s these past few months, but I’m starting to feel on top of things and ready to take on a new challenge.

since I have been redoing my space, I’ve been looking for new pieces of art here and there and recently, this beautiful watercolor caught my eye.  it came yesterday and even the packaging was impressive!

how cute is the baker’s twine and tape?!

a note card freebie and brown paper packing.

and inside was the most beautiful painting!  I had just the place to display it.

isn’t it lovely?

clearly I find the color combination quite inspiring!

hope all is well in your world.

much love,



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