There is Much to be Thankful for!

it’s been quite a year for me and although I tend to reflect rather regularly about life and what I’m thankful for, Thanksgiving day is no exception.  although I haven’t been feeling too well AND I worked yesterday, I still wanted to take a moment to give thanks.

this year, I’m especially thankful for:

1.  my amazing friends who gathered around me and lifted me up when I was down- Amy, Ivy, Jen, Fawn, Janell, Linda, Misha, Sarah, Erin, Charity, Tania, Laurilee, Rebekah– I love you and am so honored to have you in my life!

2.  my family, whom I’ve become closer to and have gotten to know better in this last year.  thanks for being my rock!

3.  my Grandma, especially, for being someone I can tell anything to and she will listen, laugh, and understand.  we are the same.

4.  my work, Meriwether’s, who was kind and understanding and supportive when I needed them to be flexible and dependable.  Walking there every day got me out of my head and allowed me the freedom and independence to support myself and be independent when I needed to be.

5.  and of course, my other job, which brings me joy every day and has grown twofold in the past year.  I am so thankful for being able to do what I love and to have met such kind and supportive people in this amazing creative community.  Ruthie, Joann, Kristen, Betsy– it is such a pleasure to know you and your work is inspiring!  thanks always for supporting what I do.

6.  Portland, the fantastic city that I live in- my favorite coffee shop, the co-op across the street, Forest Park, my family-owned apartment building and my cute little apartment.  I’m lucky to have everything nearby and to live in such a great community.  I look forward to seeing such open, friendly faces every day!

7.  for all that I’ve learned about myself this year and how these things have changed me.  I’m excited for the adventure that awaits!

{the images above are from a recent trip I took to Northern California- so lovely!}


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