Checking in…

yesterday was my first day off in over two weeks!  I didn’t make any jewelry or work at the restaurant– it was lovely, but way too short.  I really need two days off in a row and lately, I haven’t been getting that, much less, a day off at all!  but I’m not complaining- things are good!  I’ve just been busy-

I’ve been filling orders and adding all sorts of new designs to my line sheets!

I did take a brief break on Sunday and took a nice long hike-

this is just up the street from where I live!

isn’t it lovely?

there’s so much I want to share with you, but I think that will take some time- books I’ve been reading, thinking I’ve been doing, putting new ideas into practice, taking old ones out….  little by little, I will start to talk.

hope all is well in your worlds!




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