Cool Caravan

my mom came for a brief visit yesterday and when asked what she wanted to do, she said she wanted to go to Powell’s to buy some books- seemed like a good idea to me!  we each came home with a varied stack- mine included a Grimm’s Fairy Tale book (oh how I love fairy tales!), The Secret, Snotty Saves the Day (my mom insisted), and My Cool Caravan.  so two things- 1) I will now begin collecting vintage fairy tale books and 2) I’ve always wanted a retro/cool caravan.  so much so, that I drove all the way to Marfa, TX to stay at El Cosmico– it was awesome!

would you like to take a peek inside?  here a few of my favorite spaces-

Mid-Century charm.

vintage wallpaper.

light and white.

outdoor bathing.

earthy and modern.

aren’t these brilliant?!  I can’t wait to have one of my own someday- it will be used as an oasis and it will be so lovely.  do you dream of an oasis?  do you know what it will be?

be well,



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