Spring Earrings

good weekend to you all!  last night I went dancing– it was fun, but I gotta tell you, it has been a while since I put my dancing shoes on!  I’m excited to do it again, though!  dancing is just a part of me- I can’t get enough!

I finally put some pictures of my Spring line together- here’s a little mish mash of some of my new earrings-

signified by blues, grays, and neutrals, these are some of my favorite pairs!  I’ve also been working with greens and pinks, woodsy vesuvianite and bright ruby red.

since Valentine’s Day is Monday, I will be expecting a busy weekend at work–  I’m actually not a curmudgeon about V-Day at all- I love the holiday, but I won’t be doing much celebrating this year, unfortunately.  but to me, V-Day is about my friends as well and how much I love them, so if I can find the time, I will be making Valentines this year for the special people in my life- I hope I can get them done in time!  if I do, I will definitely show you what I come up with!

wishing you all a love-filled weekend,



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