I just can’t seem to get motivated.  I know that great things are on their way, but (and I think this happens every year) I am in total hibernation mode and want to sleep forever.  I’ve been getting 9 hours of sleep a night, which is great, but a bit too much in my opinion.  I guess I just need more this time of year-  and all I want to do when I get up is sit around and be distracted.  okay, that was quite the serious confession.  now that that’s over, I have a feeling motivation is right around the corner!  sometimes you just have to admit things.

the other day, I heard on NPR a clip from a Jimmy Fallon Show.  I’ve never watched Jimmy Fallon, but if his shows are often like what I heard, I just might have another reason to stay up late!  here is what’s making me smile today-

I know it’s really silly, but I love it!  especially the Bruce Springsteen part.

I hope that these gray skies go away soon-




3 thoughts on “Lately…

  1. “And darkness only stays at nighttime.
    In the morning it will fade away.
    Daylight is good
    At arriving at the right time.
    It’s not always gonna be this gray.”

    “Sunset doesn’t last all evening.
    A mind can blow those clouds away.
    After all this
    My love is up and must be leaving.
    It’s not always been this gray.”

    (thats SIR to you) Paul McCartney
    -All Things Must Pass.

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