after the hectic holiday season and as 2011 was approaching, I chose to reorganize and reset for the New Year.  it is always such a good feeling doing things to make my space and my life feel refreshed.  I had been collecting art for a while now and my priority was to finally put it on the walls- and it is done!  I love my space now and find so much comfort being in it.  I’ve still got a few more projects to go- finding a shelf for my teacup collection, crocheting a granny square afghan for my bedroom, and sewing some pillows for my couch.  while I was looking for the inspiration I needed to get these things done, I often went to Flickr for pictures and resources.  here are a few of my favorites-

plants by Little Love Blue

White Suitcase by Marianne @ Songbird

wohnzimmer by klara.kristina

so, now I’m happily feeling refreshed and ready to tackle 2011- I’ve started spending time in the studio again and it feels great.  after much thinking, brainstorming, and sketching, I’ve got my Spring/ Summer Collection almost ready to debut- can’t wait be able to share it all!  tomorrow I will post pics of my little remodel- hope you are all staying warm in this chilly, chilly weather.



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