Ladd’s Addition

as the weather has been getting nicer, I’ve been getting out and enjoying the city.  one of my new favorite things to do is get coffee at a cafe I’ve never been before and then take a walk in the neighborhood it resides in.  this has been a great way to get to know Portland better!  my latest excursion was to Ladd’s Addition, a neighborhood in the Southeast that was developed in the shape of a bicycle wheel- how cool that?!  in the center of the wheel was a bicycle shop (of course!), a hair salon, and the cutest little cafe.  there was also a vacant space that would be perfect for my dream boutique (maybe someday!).  and all around were these little knitted accessories- they were on the trees, the benches, the door handles… so cute!  I took lots of pictures, but only a few turned out, including the one above.  at least I got one so you can see how cute these little knitted goodies are!

it’s wet, cold, and dreary here and I suspect that it won’t be much better tomorrow, so my plan is to hole up in the studio and enjoy the sound of raindrops on my window.  I plan on listening to my favorite radio shows and staying cozy.  I’ve got all kinds of project going- custom bridal jewelry, a birthday necklace for a friend, and of course, new additions to the Spring Collection.  I can’t wait to show you some of the new pieces I’ve been working on!  they are a little different and I’m so excited about them!

take care and enjoy your weekends-



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