What I’m Learning…

I thought I’d share what I’ve been making in my metals class.  none of these are finished, but I’m thrilled to have finally gotten the hang of soldering!  I made a copper chain, some hammered brass rings, and a sturdy sterling ring with a blossom design on it.

having the tools to execute these designs and practice these new skills has been a dream- hopefully, I will be able to continue practicing and learning the way metals work even after the class has ended.

I’ve spent this past week making jewelry, creating ‘color stories’ and getting ready for some upcoming events.  Mink will be restocked on Sunday, so if you’d like to see some of the new pieces in person, that’s where you’ll want to go!  I’m also working on a bridal order, which is something I always enjoy.  I have to say that I LOVE weddings and I love creating jewelry that is one of a kind and completely unique to the bride, so this has been alot of fun.  I’ve also been restocking the etsy shop with lots of colorful new pieces for Spring!

and because I love these so much, I want to share them with all of you- I was reading a favorite blog of mine, Shoptalk, and saw these gorgeous mixed media pieces that I think are amazing.  aren’t they just lovely?

I am sure you are all looking forward to the weekend- it’s going to be in the 60’s here soon!  I can’t wait- it’s always refreshing what a little sun can do!

be well,



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