Beautiful Day

Portland has been beautiful lately – I can’t believe our good fortune!  it’s in the 60’s today and it’s supposed to stay this way through Tuesday… and it’s still only February!  I know that when I got called off of work yesterday I should’ve spent time on my own business, but the sun had made me all giddy and I just had to get outside.  S and I went to Westmoreland Park near the Sellwood neighborhood.  we had never been there before, but I had recently seen a picture of it and thought it would be the perfect new park for us to check out.  not only was the park lovely, but so was the neighborhood!  we meandered through the streets and dreamed about having a home of our own someday- it was a great way to spend the afternoon!

and I even got some work done too!  here are some of my newest pieces:

Ophelia Necklace~

Agatha Necklace~

Odessa Necklace~

I hope you all have a most lovely weekend!  I plan to enjoy this, this, and this.  yes, I know, you say “it’s going to be a lovely weekend, how can you be inside?”  but, my husband is a filmmaker, what can I do?  besides, we’ll wait until the sun goes down before we head to the movies!




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