where the heck did January go?  my goodness, for a month I don’t particularly enjoy, January sure did go by fast- and I’m happy for it!  I’m not much of a February fan either, but I think that the fact that it is a short month and Valentine’s Day is right in the middle of it makes it somewhat redeemable.  and yes, I love Valentine’s Day!  my husband always makes sure it gets celebrated right!  and if you’re interested, I wrote about the cutest Valentine’s ornaments made with vintage ephemera on my other blog, Portland Loves Local– you should definitely check them out!  they are adorable!  and of course, with Valentine’s Day comes jewelry sales, so I’ve been restocking a few boutiques and trying to stock my etsy shop as well.  Mink just got a batch of new pieces that I’m really excited about- lots of gorgeous colors and delicate designs!  and I’m also working on my Vintage Line for Grasshopper 510 in Chicago- they are an eco-friendly boutique that promotes reusing and recycling materials, which makes my vintage pieces just perfect for their collection!  while I was working the other day, I took a few pics at Mink.  I love the way they display my pieces:

I had a few goals for January, some I accomplished, some I didn’t.  the first one was to take a metals class, which I am doing and also really enjoying.  another goal I’ve had is to join the community center down the street from me- that one’s still on the list!  I’ve also made the decision to do some bigger shows this year.  if I could, I’d do all of the Renegades, but for now, I’ll have to settle for doing the ones that I can afford and have the time for.  the good news, though, is that we were able to apply for the Austin Renegade show that takes place in May.  I’m super excited and am crossing my fingers that we get in!

well, take care all!

and be well,



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