Taking a Breath… and finally seeing some sun!

as you might’ve imagined December was a really crazy month for me- and I know it’s terrible, but the craziness makes me a very bad blogger.  but, I’m back with my feet firmly planted on the ground, my life a bit more organized, and new inspirations for 2010.  so, happy New Year to you all!

I figure a quick recap is in order-

I had shows every weekend in December, with my last one being my best show ever!  I also produced pieces for multiple buys at Mink, which was very exciting and encouraging.  sales on etsy weren’t so bad either, so needless to say, I was a bit MIA to my friends and family and for that, I apologize.  but, I will say that December renewed my spirits and my drive and I’ve been trying to ride that wave for a while.  also, as a treat to myself, I finally signed up for a metals class!  I’ve had two classes so far and they’ve been fantastic.  I will post my projects and progress along the way so that you can see what I’m learning.

unfortunately, the days have been gray and rainy around here, but I saw the sun recently and it made me happy!  getting out of bed on a rainy day is just the worst.

now that the holidays are over, I’ve set my sights on Spring, working on colorful pieces and new designs.  I can’t stop thinking about new blooms, green trees, and sun-filled days.  I’ll even love the rain a little more when Spring gets here!

here are a few new designs that have come out of the studio in the past few weeks:

I hope you all are well and thanks for reading!




2 thoughts on “Taking a Breath… and finally seeing some sun!

  1. Yay! You’re back. 🙂
    Amy – this new jewelry is beautiful!!!!
    I love the swing in the earrings and the emerald color necklace with the crazy cool metal work is gorgeous!
    You rock!!!

  2. good lord, I love the new stuff!

    Congrats on the holidays shows, I cannot wait to hear more about them.

    We too have been suffering grey days, but its okay… it makes the sun sem that much sweeter when it does come back


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