I keep looking up…


‘cuz it’s just so pretty!  it is wonderful to see the sun today after so many gloomy days of rain.

I’m happy today because I had my acupuncture appt., which has helped my carpel tunnel immensely!  my wrists had been suffering alot lately and I was starting to question if I would be able to continue making jewelry.  for some time, I had felt that I was going to have to forge a whole new path- it was a difficult and depressing situation, but happily, I don’t have to worry about that any more!  I found a wonderful place that offers a sliding scale for acupuncture, massage, Chinese medicine, and yoga.  I would highly recommend my practitioner, Sheridan- she has done wonders for me!


2 thoughts on “I keep looking up…

  1. Thanks so much for this link, Amy! I have been looking for a sliding scale acupuncture clinic. I’m so glad it has been helpful for you~~it would be so sad if you had to stop making jewelry :~(

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