Enjoying the Weekend…


it was a wet and windy weekend here in Portland- a perfect weekend for staying in and being cozy.  I made my way to the studio on Saturday and worked on some vintage pieces for a boutique in Chicago.  then I enjoyed a movie (it was a good one!) and a nice relaxing evening with some pizza and hot toddies (been feeling a bit under the weather lately).  Sunday was as gloomy as Saturday, but breakfast at St. Honore was the perfect way to start the day.  the evening was spent at a new favorite pub, then dinner with friends at a local brewery.  and no Sunday is complete without watching our favorite program!   we also watched Up loved it!


how about you- how did you spend your weekend?


2 thoughts on “Enjoying the Weekend…

  1. Cool pic of the fall leaves.

    My weekend, which I’d rather share with you ‘live’, consisted of a happy hour for my father’s birthday put on by his workmates. We had fried calamari, eggplant rolotini, ceasar salad and LOTS of beer. (are you drooling?) I checked out an old, scary, local pub, had a “stitch-n-bitch” (and wished you were there), went on a first date and had another nice dinner Sunday night….oh – and took some pics.
    Miss you.

  2. St Honore! Good lord that was yum, when I describe how cool your neighborhood is I tell people that your between them and the scooter dealership, heaven on earth!

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